Neil Yuming

My IntroductionThe age of a person is not the number of days in the world, but the speed of heartbeat. This is my interpretation of age. I like to take risks, make friends, be free, cheerful, free, lazy and down-to-earth. "Just Do It! " is the only rule.
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    建立您的據點讓商機無限的在地生活 黑族在地生活是一個廣泛整合的營銷系統,在企業老闆的觀點,它是一個擁有複雜和全面的功能...
  • Computer repair
    Computer repair
  • PC Maintain
    PC Maintain
    電腦定期保養服務 機器的故障常常來自於一顆小縲絲的鬆動,電腦也是相同,很多人電腦零件壞了就換新的,郤乎略了找出故障的原因...
  • Network Construction
    Network Construction
    傑比數位是由區域網路研究起家的,從 386 的時代就開始在牽設區域網路,架設網路伺服器,我們有著豐富的實戰經驗,相信我們...
  • Software programming
    Software programming
    PHP 網站程式設計 (Preprocessing Hypertext PHP) 原本死死板板的網站怎麼會路瀏覽者產互...
  • Storage System Optimization
    Storage System Optimization
    Type J 是 Jaby 傑比獨門研究的電腦系統優化工桯,優化的部份包含:電腦儲存系統優化,簡稱 SSO ( Stor…
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  • Heyxu Wealthly Cloud Card
    Heyxu Wealthly Cloud Card
    There has cloud-card can assist you to show your business to your customer on phablet or tablet, and possibly wins NT$180,000 bonus without extra fees; Successful people know how to use tools, let's come and see.

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